If your R31 is not responding to data from your computer and you've eliminated all the common problems, you may have a damaged sensor. There is a four-pronged sensor that is housed inside the right endcap of your machine. There are times when the metal clip that is on your tool carriage belt can hit or interrupt those sensors, when this happens your machine will display a red flashing “online” light. This is a rather easy fix and can be done in less than 10 minutes. Please follow the steps below to assist you in correcting this error.


  • Power off your cutter.
  • Remove the endcap via the four silver screws.
  • Power on your cutter.
  • Press the “online” button so that you can control the movement of the tool carriage.
  • Move the carriage until the metal clip completes the interruption so that you can see how the sensors need to be adjusted.
  • With minimul force, move the senors out of the way of the metal clip but also keep in mind they all need to be horizontally aligned.