Recommended Maintenance & Usage of the PrismJet Printer

Regular and consistent Ink Flow is key to maintaining a solvent printer so that it will perform at a 100% when needed and used.

The machine must be used at least three time per week while printing with 100% of the nozzles firing all channels of the Ink Configuration. This can be achieved using minimal ink and media. Simply design an image near the width of the media consisting of four ¼” bars of 100% CMYK. Print this image at least 3 times per week to maintain recommended usage. See image below:

Daily & weekly maintenance are key factors as well in ensuring a long life for your machine.

Clean the Cap Top Seal, Wiper Assembly and Print Head at a minimum weekly or daily as needed.

To maintain flow through the Maintenance Assembly, pour a small amount (eye dropper full) of the recommend Cleaning Solution in the Cap Top and allow it to drain thru the Maintenance Assembly and into the waste Container.


What to expect if thee machine is not used and maintained as recommended

If you experience a less than perfect Nozzle Check due to non-use and/or improper maintenance, or a Wiper Sensor Error one or more of the following will be recommended.

Cleaning & Soaking the Nozzle Plate of the Print Head. This takes time and does not always prove to be successful depending on the severity of the issue.

Replacement of the Maintenance Assembly & Wiper Blade. This is normally inspected and replaced as needed annually or as needed.

Replacement of the Dampers & Print Head. This is a Worst Case scenario but does happen frequently due not using and/or maintaining the machine as recommended and can prove to be very costly.

Always remember, clogged nozzles are most often caused by not using and or not cleaning the machine as recommended, these types of issues are not and never will be covered under any applicable warranty.